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Generic Header feild with Name:Value options in the Swagger Connector interface.

We have deprecated the Validator tool which the clients could use to validate their xml syntax. In the abnsence of which, their only option is to use Swagger-Connector API (i.e ) to analyse their xmls. This will actually ingest data into IBM Food Trust Blockchain which is immutable. The only way to delete that data is, if they were to use the following Header

header 'IFT-Test-Namespace: XYZ'

in a curl or postman API call, details listed here -->     )

Note: the option to use IFT-Test-Namespace header is currently only available via scripting API calls to the connector.

The swagger connector interface currently only has IFT-Entitlement-Mode and Signature as options for headers.

It would be very useful to have a generic header with Name:Value pair on the Swagger-Connector interface. May be a drop down with pre-defined options?

Currenlty, our VGO clients have no option but to ingest data into prod and analyse the errors. It might be the cause (overheads in IBM Food Trust Prod env due to errors in client data) of some of the production issues seen with Rabbit-MQ (I am guessing here).


Thank you.

-Naveen Shetty




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  • Mar 6 2019
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